Is Windows 11 Faster than Windows 10?

On an identical device, Microsoft Windows 11 is faster than Windows 10. To some people, that is all they want to know. But others need more information. If you are the latter, you are in good company.

This article is based on a test we carried out on two Dell Latitude 7410 laptop computers. One of them was running on Windows 11 and the other on Windows 10. And we found Windows 11 to be faster than Windows 10.

Here are our findings.

New Memory Management System

First, let’s talk about this feature because this is the major thing that makes Windows 11 perform better. This new memory management system helps it run faster by prioritizing foreground processes.

In your computer, there are foreground and background processes. Foreground processes come from the applications you are currently working on. Background processes run independently of your actions.

Whenever your computer is experiencing high CPU usage, the new memory management system kicks in to help maintain your computer speed by prioritizing the foreground processes.

This is a sea change from Windows 10, where background processes could use up too much CPU power. Such high CPU usage slows down your computer speed.

1. Apps on Windows 11 Load Faster

When clicking on the same app icon on both operating systems, we discovered that the applications on Windows 11 were faster.

And there was a great deal of stability. There was no incident of an app or program freezing up and crashing on me. And we never had to restart the computer.

The average browser speed was much faster—from launch time to browser speed. Every browser was faster than we experienced on Windows 10.

2. The Microsoft Edge Advantage

Microsoft Edge, a replacement for the legacy Internet Explorer, is faster and sleeker on Windows 11. We created high CPU usage when opening many tabs on the Microsoft Edge browser, but due to the new memory management system, the processes ran in the foreground without issue.

That’s the advantage of using Microsoft Edge on a Windows 11 computer.

On a separate note, if you live in a country where your favorite websites are still optimized for the deprecated Internet Explorer, you are in luck because Microsoft Edge has an Internet Explorer mode. You just have to remember to enable it every 31 days.

3. Windows 11 Wakes Up Instantly

Windows 11 boots, shuts down, and wakes up faster. This is because, in sleep mode, sufficient power is reserved for essential threads. That’s not what happened when we tried to wake up the Windows 10 computer. There was a time lag of a few seconds.


The two Dell Latitude laptops we used for the test are compatible with both operating systems under review. And from the test results, Windows 11 was faster than Windows 10. 

We strongly advise that you upgrade to the new operating system. And don’t forget to share your experience and opinion in the comment section below.

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