Why is the Surface Pro So Expensive?

The Surface Pro is an expensive device because it is built well and will stand the test of time, because the support Microsoft offers is high-quality, and because the device is very versatile with a lot of functionality.

The Surface Pro is a popular and versatile 2-in-1 device that has been around for the better part of a decade. But if you want to purchase a new one, you will generally have to pay a pretty penny. But what about this device leads it to be priced higher than some of its competitors?

Without any further ado, this guide is going to go over a few reasons why the Surface Pro demands a higher price than some other options on the market.

Key Takeaways

  • The Surface Pro is pricey because it is built well with quality materials, and will stand up to regular wear and tear for years if you care for the device well.
  • Microsoft has a massive support department and can easily help you with whatever issue you have via email, phone call, or even live chat. They are also great when it comes to product warranties.
  • The versatility of the Surface Pro to be both a powerful tablet and a powerful laptop in one is unique and sets this device apart from many others in the space.
  • If you want to save some money when buying a Surface Pro, look for used models, wait for sales, or shop for bundles.

1. The Superior Build Quality

One of the biggest reasons for the high cost of the Surface Pro is the superior build quality. They are sturdy, have a weighted feel to them, and are incredibly tough and solid. They are perfect for being used on the go, as they are still light/portable despite how well they are built.

Simply holding the device allows you to feel just how premium it feels compared to other devices. Even the accessories are built well and attach firmly to the device and nothing feels flimsy or cheaply made.

The device is made with quality and strong materials, like magnesium and aluminum, and should last you years. Of course, you still need to treat the device well and protect it from falls and damage, but if you care for the device, it should remain in good shape for a very long time.

2. The Great Support That Microsoft Provides

With technology and devices like laptops and tablets, there are many things that can go wrong from time to time. This could be an accessory not working, the device not turning on, or even the device freezing for one reason or another.

While some of these can be fixed on your own with guides, there may come a time when you need to reach out to support. Microsoft is a huge company, and as such, has a huge support department. They can help you with a variety of things via phone, email, or even live chat.

In addition to their standard support, Microsoft also takes warranty seriously and offers a lot of assistance from allowing you to check warranty status, get service quickly and easily, and learn more about what exactly a warranty covers.

3. It is Incredibly Versatile and Offers a Ton of Functionality

The fact that a Surface Pro device can act like a powerful laptop and a powerful tablet at the same time makes it worth the cost for many people. Whether you need to use this for intensive work in the office or creating art at home on the weekends, this device can work for you.

Making a device that is this good at doing multiple things is not cheap, and they didn’t cut corners when it comes to the usability of this device. Sure, you can find something that is a better laptop or potentially a better tablet but finding something that is both will be difficult.

The device can be used in many different ways, and offers a positive experience with each one. You can attach a keyboard and use it exactly like a laptop, take it on the go like a tablet, or even use a Surface Pen on the device to use it like pen and paper.

Ways to Save When Buying a Surface Pro

While there are many good reasons for the high cost of the Surface Pro, we realize that it might be out of the price range of some people. But the good news is that there are plenty of ways to save when buying a Surface Pro.

First of all, you can buy a used or recycled Surface Pro. Whether you buy one second-hand from your friend, or buy a refurbished model from Microsoft themselves, this has the potential to save you a lot of money.

You can also look for sales on Surface devices, which may often happen throughout the year at different retailers or stores. Lastly, there are also bundles you can purchase that will save you some cash if you want to buy some software and/or accessories along with your Surface.

Final Thoughts

The Surface Pro is priced highly because it has a superior build quality, Microsoft offers outstanding support, and it is an incredibly versatile device with great functionality.

You often get what you pay for, which is why the Surface Pro has continued to be popular and highly regarded for years.

Do you feel that the Surface Pro is too expensive or do you feel that it is priced fairly for what you get? Let us know in a comment.

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