Surface Pro Won’t Turn On: 7 Possible Reasons and Fixes

If your Microsoft Surface Pro won’t turn on, it can be an annoying situation. There are many potential reasons for this issue that range from a dead battery, to a major hardware failure. But thankfully, there are also plenty of solutions to get your Surface pro back up and running.

Having long relied on touchscreen devices and laptops for my work, I have had to troubleshoot countless issues over the years, including devices not turning on for one reason or another.

This guide is going to not only highlight some of the reasons why your Surface Pro won’t turn on, but also go over how you can fix and correct the issue.

1. The Battery is Not Charged

Perhaps the most common reason for a Surface Pro not turning on is simply that the battery is not charged. If the device was just used for a long time, or not plugged in after the last time you used it, the battery could have died.

The fix for this issue is to simply plug the device into its charger to let it charge. Consider leaving the device to charge or working while it’s charging before moving it. If you take it off the charger too quickly, it may not last very long before shutting down once again.

2. The Device is in Sleep Mode

Another reason for your Surface Pro not turning on is that it is stuck in sleep mode. After a while, your Surface Pro will go into this mode in order to conserve energy, and it will seem unresponsive and may be difficult to turn on.

The way to get your Surface Pro out of sleep mode is to press the Windows Key + Ctrl + Shift + B simultaneously on the connected or integrated keyboard, and this should wake your device up. 

If you don’t have a keyboard or the Surface Pro is in tablet mode, simply press both the volume up and volume down buttons three times and the devce should wake up from sleep mode.

3. The Surface Pro is Overheating or Frozen

Extreme temperatures are often the sworn enemy of technology, and it is no difference with the Surface Pro. If you have had the Surface Pro in very hot or cold conditions, it could be the reason why the device has shut down.

The fix here is to simply get your device into more moderate temperatures, and give it time to cool off or warm up. Once the optimal temperature has been reached once again, you should be able to turn it on and use it like normal.

4. Issues With the Attached Accessories

In some cases, the accessories that you have attached to your device could be the reason it won’t turn on. This could be a mouse, a keyboard, or even an external drive. These could be damaged, or simply interfere with your device in a strange way.

The fix is to simply disconnect these from your Surface Pro, and see if it allows the device to be turned on normally. If removing these accessories allows you to turn the device on, the issue likely has something to do with the accessory and it should be replaced/not used anymore.

5. The Charging Cable is Damaged or Not Working

If you have been charging your Surface Pro for an hour or two and it still won’t turn on, your charging cord could be the culprit. It could have been bitten by a pet, ripped due to rough usage, or even simply frayed due to wear and tear over time.

If the cable is broken, it may not be delivering a charge to your device, which will leave your battery dead. To check if it is broken, you want to inspect the cable itself, and try it in a few different outlets.

Even if there is no fraying or other issue, the cable could still be faulty due to something internal. The fix for this reason is to simply replace the cable for one that works and can once again deliver a charge to your computer.

6. Your Surface Pro Might Be Infected with Malware

There is also the chance that your device could have been infected with malware at one point or another. This could be from accessing a fraudulent website, downloading them by accident, clicking on a link you shouldn’t have, or a variety of other ways.

While Malware can do a lot of things, there does exist malware out there that will force shutdowns and prevent you from turning on your computer. The fix for this issue is to bring in a professional to clean the device and rid it of all viruses and malware.

7. Problem With the Hardware

The possible reason for the Surface Pro not turning on could be an internal issue with the hardware, too. It could be a screen issue, a faulty battery, issue with the CPU, or simply even just damage from age or wear and tear over time.

If this is the case, you will need to get the Surface Pro inspected and repaired by a professional or trusted technician, or potentially even replace the computer if it makes more sense financially.

You might be able to do the work yourself in some cases, but make sure you have the required knowledge and experience, or you may end up doing more harm than good.


Here are a few commonly asked questions about experiencing issues with the Surface Pro, along with their answers.

What is happening if my Surface Pro flashes the Windows logo and then shuts off?

A common occurrence that some users get when turning on the device is a flash of the Windows logo, and then it turns off. If this occurs, it is recommended to make sure the device is charged, try forcing a reset, or remove connected devices or accessories.

If these don’t work, try shutting the computer down fully and then turning it on again. If that isn’t successful, consider reaching out to Microsoft technical support.

Is there a way to reset the Surface Pro?

Another popular way to get a device back in order if it is frozen, not working right, or not turning on, is to force a reset. On the Surface Pro, you can initiate a reset by pressing and holding the power button until the logo appears around 20 seconds) and then releasing the button.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are plenty of possible reasons and fixes for your Surface Pro screen not turning on. It could be a relatively simple and free fix, or it could involve a lot of work or be quite expensive.

If these fixes don’t improve the issues you are experiencing, or you think your Surface Pro isn’t turning on for another reason, make sure to reach out to Microsoft technical support.

Is there something we missed in this guide that you felt would have been valuable to include? If so, let us know in a comment below.

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