Surface Pro Camera Not Working: 5 Possible Reasons and Fixes

If your Surface Pro camera isn’t working, it is often due to multiple apps trying to access the camera at once, issues with privacy settings, driver issues, the camera being blocked by antivirus software, or the camera being damaged.

Whether you want to take some selfies, capture some pictures of your pet, or snap beautiful landscape shots, the camera on your Surface Pro can come in incredibly handy. Unfortunately, there may come a time when you simply can’t get the camera to work, which can be annoying.

But thankfully, we’re here to help. Without any further ado, this guide is going to take a close look at five reasons your Surface Pro camera might not be working, and how you can fix/correct these issues.

Key Takeaways

  • If your Surface Pro camera isn’t working, it’s likely because multiple apps are trying to access the camera, there are privacy-related issues, problems with the driver, the camera itself is blocked by antivirus, or it has sustained damage of some kind.
  • Fixing this issue can often be done by ensuring only one app is accessing the camera, changing your privacy settings, updating the drives, allowing the camera in your antivirus settings, or repairing potential damage.
  • Make sure to treat your Surface Pro with respect and be careful with it, to ensure you don’t damage the camera or other internal components, which can cause issues and impact usability.

1. Multiple Apps Trying to Access the Camera

In some cases, the reason why your camera won’t work is that you have more than one app trying to access it. The camera on a Surface Pro device can only be accessed by one app or program at a time.

So if one app is already using it, it should come as no surprise that the camera isn’t working. The solution here is to simply close the app that is currently using the camera, and this will free it up to be used in another without a problem.

Also, in the app you’re using, make sure you select the right camera. You can select either the front or back camera, and you need to make sure to choose the right one or the potential for confusion could arise.

2. Privacy Settings Have Blocked Camera Access

The privacy settings of your device could also be responsible for camera-related problems. If you have your privacy settings set to disallow camera access, you won’t be able to use it. The simplest way to check if this is the issue is to perform a search for Camera privacy settings.

This page will tell you whether camera access for the device is on or off, and will let you change if need be. On the same page, you also need to ensure that each and every app that you want to use the camera with is allowed to access it.

Simply scroll down and look for your app of choice, make sure that camera access is turned on, and then try to use the camera again. If the app has access and the camera still doesn’t work, then this isn’t the culprit of your camera issues.

3. There is an Issue with the Driver

Sometimes, the root cause of your camera problem is related to the drivers. If your drivers are damaged or out of date, it can be a cause for concern.

Thankfully, these drivers can often have bugs present that are fixed in future Windows updates. If you have missed a few updates in a row, there is a chance you are dealing with a bug or issue that there now exists a solution.

Simply check for a Windows Update, and if you have one, install it. Along with the update will come new drivers, which may fix whatever issue was hampering you in the first place.

4. The Camera is Blocked by Your Antivirus Software

Having antivirus software is very important when it comes to using your computer safely, but this same software can often be responsible for your Surface Pro camera not working. If it identifies your camera as a potential threat (or is unsure about it), it may block access.

The way around this is to open up the software you use to protect your computer and take a close look at the settings. Make sure the camera is not being blocked, and if it is, allowing it should deal with your problem.

You could also simply disable the antivirus to see if that allows the camera to be used, but make sure to enable it soon after so you don’t forget and end up jeopardizing your device.

5. The Camera is Damaged

Of course, the reason why your camera is no longer working could also be that it is damaged. Something as simple as dropping the device or bumping it into a table corner or wall could damage the camera. It could be cracked, bent out of place, or damaged in another way entirely.

If there is no external damage to your device or the camera, the issue could be internal, too. If you think this might be the culprit, you are able to replace the camera on a Surface Pro, but this work should always be done by someone with experience to ensure it gets done right.

The parts are fragile, so you need a steady hand (along with the right tools) to do the job correctly. Also, it couldn’t hurt to have the device inspected to make sure that damage is the reason for the issue, so you don’t simply replace the camera for no reason.

To avoid your Surface Pro camera getting damaged, you want to be careful with the device. Make sure you don’t drop it, and be careful about knocking it into things, as that can easily damage the camera, the screen, or another internal or external component.

Final Thoughts

Whether it is a privacy-related problem, or outdated drivers, there are many possible causes for your Surface Pro camera not working properly. We hope that this guide and the solutions included in it have been able to get you back to taking photos and videos without an issue.

What sorts of photos or videos do you like to take with your Surface Pro or other devices? Let us know in a comment below!

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