Is Toshiba a Good Laptop Brand?

In general, Toshiba is not a good laptop brand for many reasons, such as weak customer support, poor quality, a lot of bloatware, trash warranty terms, and mediocre hardware design. However, it is a good option if you are looking for a low-budget and durable laptop.

As a tech enthusiast with 5+ years of experience using all types of laptops, I am currently using a Toshiba CB35-B3340 Chromebook. So, I know the ins and outs of different laptop brands, including Toshiba.

In this article, I will explain why Toshiba is not a good laptop brand, so you can make the right decision while screening for the best laptop brand. I will also answer some of the frequently asked questions related to the topic.

Read on to find out.

6 Reasons Why Toshiba is No Longer a Good Laptop Brand 

Here are the downsides that make Toshiba a bad laptop brand.

It has a lot of bloatware

Toshiba laptops come with a lot of preloaded software that users don’t need (source). It is so much that you would not know which bloatware to delete. You might even wish to do a complete rinse of your brand-new Toshiba laptop.

Poor portability and dull design

If you are madly conscious about the laptop’s design, looks, and charm, then Toshiba is not your go-to laptop. Toshiba laptops also have bulky builds. Besides, this brand does not have many ultraportable laptops.

Mediocre hardware and poor quality

Unless you are a Toshiba diehard, it is recommended not to fall for its brand name. For instance, one known fact about the Toshiba brand’s laptops is that they are not purely elite in quality. Besides, Over 80% of users who mentioned hardware in their reviews, said that the Toshiba laptops’ hardware is comparatively mediocre.

Terrible repair and warranty terms

The Toshiba company is simply terrible in terms of repair and warranty terms and conditions. They do not provide any warranty, or you can get just a one-year hardware warranty. For instance, according to these Toshiba’s repair terms, if you happen to go for your laptop’s repair, you will bear all the charges, including shipment and labor charges.

Sub-par after-sale customer support

Toshiba laptop brands’ after-sale tech/customer support is partly good but more pathetic and mediocre. For instance, users who mentioned Toshiba’s customer support said that it was simply unresponsive.

Not innovative in laptop design

Toshiba company has never focused much on trying some innovation in their laptops. The only innovative thing it has tried is packing its 2-in-1 laptops with styluses (touch-pens).

Final Tips

Toshiba still sells laptops. However, it does not make laptops. In fact, since August 2020, Toshiba company has discontinued producing laptops under its brand name. As of this writing, there is no laptop released under the Toshiba brand name.

In conclusion, although Toshiba is one beast of a brand name in the tech world that makes powerful, durable, and low-budget products, it is not a good brand for laptops.

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