Is Surface Pro Good for Photoshop?

Yes, the Surface Pro is a good option for Photoshop as it is not only powerful and portable, but has a great screen and the Surface Pen allows for precise editing.

Photoshop is a great tool for editing photos, creating art, retouching, and so much more. Unfortunately, using Photoshop on the go on your phone or tablet has traditionally been a poor experience. You are limited to a watered-down version of the app, and miss certain features.

However, the Surface Pro has changed that and can provide a great Photoshop experience, wherever you decide to work from. Read on to learn more about why the Surface Pro is a good choice for Photoshop.

Key Takeaways

  • The Surface Pro is a powerful 2-in-1 computer capable of running the full desktop version of Photoshop, in a compact and portable device.
  • The Surface Pro has a sizable screen that offers a ton of space to work, and the display is beautiful in terms of colors, brightness, and vibrancy.
  • The Surface Pen lets you precisely edit your photos and creations and interact with Photoshop in an incredibly intuitive way.

Powerful and Portable

The Surface Pro is a great blend of power and portability. Because it is a tablet PC, it offers more power than most tablets, while being more compact than most laptops.

Depending on the model you have, most of the newer Surface Pros will have no problem running the full desktop version of Photoshop, which will grant you access to the full suite of features.

The Surface Pro 9, for example, has a quality processor (Intel i5 or i7), at least 8 GB of RAM (up to 32 GB), plenty of storage (up to 1 TB), and decent integrated graphics.

Of course, the device may not be able to handle massive professional projects like a desktop with a dedicated graphics card, but will certainly provide a better experience than other tablets, while being easier to take with you and work on the go than other laptops.

Screen Size and Quality

The screen on the Surface Pro is another reason why it is good for Photoshop. The newer models feature a 13” high resolution display that provides amazing quality and image clarity. The size gives you a lot of real estate and you should never feel restricted when working.

While the screen is slightly smaller than some laptops, it is one of the largest tablet screen sizes on the market. Colors look vibrant and bright on the screen, and it is crisp enough to ensure your edits can be as detailed as possible. 

Precise Editing

The existence of the Surface Pen for precise editing helps make the Surface Pro one of the best options for working on Photoshop. Working with your finger on a tablet screen or a mouse on a laptop simply doesn’t provide the precision and detail that working with a stylus can.

It gives you a very intuitive experience, lets you make minute changes without any issue, and using pressure-sensitive brushes feels very natural. While the Surface Pen is sold separately, it can truly elevate your editing experience.

In addition to the Surface Pen, you can use other styluses with the device, but make sure they are compatible before making a purchase.


Here are a few common questions about running Adobe Photoshop on a Surface pro, as well as their answers.

Which Surface Pro is best for Photoshop?

In general, the newer devices like the Surface Pro 8, Surface Pro X, and Surface Pro 9 are best for Photoshop. Not only do they have the computing power to run it well, but also the largest and best-looking screens.

Can a Surface Pro run other Adobe programs?

The answer is yes. Just like Photoshop, many other Adobe programs can be run without an issue on the Surface Pro. This includes Illustrator, Premier Pro, InDesign, and others.

Final Thoughts

If you want to use Photoshop on-the-go, the Surface Pro is certainly one of the best options. The screen is large and looks great, the Surface Pen allows for precise and natural editing, and the device is a perfect mix of performance and portability.

What sorts of things do you like to create or edit in Photoshop? Let us know in a comment below.

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