Is Surface Pro Good for Gaming?

The Microsoft Surface Pro is good for games that do not require a sound graphics card or long running time. Larger and more competitive games are hard to run on the Surface Pro because of issues with RAM, overheating, and graphics.

I have worked in the tech industry for a little over five years now. I have also enjoyed owning a Surface Pro 6 for two years now and have attempted to download and play games on the device.

Throughout this article, I will be explaining why or why not is a Surface Pro device good for gaming. I will also sprinkle in tips, tricks, and examples of which games play smoothly on the Surface Pro and which don’t.

Why is the Surface Pro Good for Gaming?

The Surface Pro is an impressive and unique-looking laptop. Microsoft first created it to be the first of its kind- an amazing blend between a laptop and a tablet! The keyboard is detachable and completely customizable!

So, why is Surface Pro a good choice for you when it comes to gaming? Easy, this jaw-dropping laptop has impressive and large features, including Intel Iris Plus Graphics and 16GB RAM. 

Although most Surface Pro laptops and tablets come with 16GB RAM, there are 8GB options that run slower. The graphics are clean, but it can make it difficult if your game is too large. I recommend only running light and easily downloaded games.

When I play games on my Surface Pro tablet, the visual aspects are crisp and gorgeous. It is hard to keep my eyes away from the screen! Something else to consider is that you can customize your Surface Pro to make it the best’ gaming’ laptop!

What Games Can You Effectively Play on Surface Pro?

I am sure you are sick and tired of me referring to ‘light’ video games without being specific enough. When I am referring to your ability to play light games on a Surface Pro, I am talking about games with simple and ‘light’ graphics. 

During these games, you can notice a shift in the quality and the speed at which the scene in the game changes. So, what games can you effectively play on the Surface Pro tablet? I have had the best luck with Half-Life 2, Civilization VI, and Rise of Nations.

Why is the Surface Pro Bad for Gaming?

Although it is always a pleasure to point out the good about gaming, what negatives are there? Is it possible to stream or download all games onto your Surface Pro? Before you download any games, keep in mind that the Surface Pro is only good at running low-visual-quality games.

It is not impossible to play games on the Surface Pro, but it does take some sacrifice! To get the Surface Pro to run large downloaded games, I have had to edit my overall game resolution to as low as 1368 x 912.

The Surface Pro is bad for gaming because there is also the main issue I noticed, the laptop overheats! Some games take a lot of RAM and electricity to run, which is especially true for long games with intricate designs and visuals.

When your Surface Pro laptop starts to use too much electricity or RAM, it begins to overheat. During my time playing long games with friends, the charge on my Surface Pro laptop would diminish quickly, even when it was plugged in and charging.

You should be careful when finding games to play on your Surface Pro tablet. Overheating can cause severe issues with the internal battery as well as the charger.

What Games Can You Not Play on Surface Pro?

So, now that you understand why it is not a good idea to play long and intricate games on a Surface Pro let’s dive into which games are not good. Who doesn’t love Fortnite? I know so many people who love this game and play it on their PC, but does it hold up on a Surface Pro?

The short answer is no! Although it is possible to download and play Fortnite, it does have a lag. While you can change the resolution of the graphics, it changes the brilliant appearance and can alter the play.

I have also tried to play Borderlands and Call of Duty, but the application would crash and force quit, leaving me on the home screen sad and confused. These amazing games are full of adventure, and while they are downloadable, they do not play well.


Here are some questions related to the topic, I’ll briefly answer them below.

Is the Surface Pro 7 Good for Gaming?

Out of all the Surface Pro tablets out there, how does the Surface Pro 7 hold up? Sadly, no matter how many upgrades and updates Microsoft makes, the hardware and software installed into the Surface Pro 7 are not enough for competitive or hardcore gaming.

Are you interested in playing a simple game that is easy and quick to download? As long as the visuals are not extremely detailed, you can play the game without any major hiccups.

What is the best surface pro for gaming?

Although all Surface Pro tablets are similar, there is one that is notoriously known for being the best Surface Pro for gaming, and it is the Surface Pro 8! 

What is the most affordable surface pro for gaming?

I don’t know about you, but I love spending money! There is nothing better than finding a great deal with companies! So, which Surface Pro option is the most affordable? The most affordable option, believe it or not, is the Surface Pro 4 which retails for over $300.

Closing Thoughts

While I do love my Microsoft Surface Pro tablet, I understand that this device is not compatible with most games. Even with a sacrifice to the resolution of the graphics, it is best to purchase a true portable gaming laptop!

If you find a low-quality game, you can play it on this device, though! Did you learn anything new about technology and the Surface Pro? Let us know and share your comments, concerns, and questions in the comment section below!

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