How to Tell What Surface Pro I Have?

If you want to tell what model of Surface Pro you have quickly and easily, you can either check the system information of the device, use the Surface app, or find the serial number.

Whether you need to know if certain software is compatible, or you need to ensure an accessory will work with your device, it is important to know which Surface Pro you have. But unfortunately, it isn’t always obvious by simply looking at the device, as many look similar.

With that in mind, this guide is going to take you through a few methods you can use to quickly and easily identify which model of Surface Pro you have.

Key Takeaways

  • Visiting the System Information page is a fast and easy way to tell which Surface Pro you own.
  • By downloading and using the Surface app, you can see not only the model you have, but other important information about the device and the accessories you have for it.
  • Locating the serial number of your device and then searching for it online should help you identify the exact model you have.

1. Check in the System Information

The first way to learn which model of Surface Pro you have is to check your System Information page. This page contains a ton of information about the device memory, processor, components, operating system and yes, the model of your device.

You can find this page by simply clicking the Start menu and then searching for system. The System Information app should be one of the first results that come up, and then simply select it. If you scroll through the right panel of the page, you will eventually find the System Model.

Whether you have a Surface Pro 7 or a Surface Pro 3, this page should be able to tell you in seconds which Surface Pro you have.

2. Use the Surface App

Another option is to use the Surface app to learn the model you have. Simply search for surface in the Start menu, and the Surface app should show up in the results. Once you click on the app, you can either see the model on the top of the window, or in the device information.

If you can’t find the Surface app and don’t see it in any search results, take a second to make sure it is downloaded from the Microsoft Store. In addition to things like the model, this app can tell you other important information about the device, too.

So even if you don’t need to learn what type of Surface Pro you have, it is a good idea to consider downloading the app anyways for the other benefits and information it can provide you with.

3. Locate the Serial Number

Finding the serial number of your Surface Pro can be another way to tell which one you have. Arguably the simplest way to find your serial number is to simply find it on the device itself. 

To see the serial number on any Surface Pro, simply flip out the kickstand and look for the numbers at the base. They may be small and difficult to see, but they’re there. Once you have the number, a search online should allow you to identify the model you own.

Knowing the serial number is also important if you plan on registering your device or want to get it serviced. In addition to searching for the serial number on the device itself, there are several other options, in case it has been scratched off or is unreadable for another reason.

You can find the serial number in the Surface app (just like with the model), and it can also be found in the settings by going to Settings > System > About and then locating the serial number under Windows Specifications.

The serial number can also be found on the packaging of your Surface Pro, if you still have it. It can be conveniently found on the barcode label.

Surface accessories also can each have their own serial numbers, too. This includes the Surface Pen, Surface Dock, Surface Type Cover, and more. These can generally be found on the accessory themselves, or in the Surface app.

Final Thoughts

Knowing the exact model of Surface Pro you have can be important in a variety of cases, whether you are looking for replacement parts or to ensure the accessories you bought will work on the device without issue.

We hope this guide and the methods included in it have helped you learn how to quickly and easily identify what Surface Pro you have.

Which model of Surface Pro do you have, or which one are you thinking of picking up? Let us know in a comment below, we would love to hear from you!

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