How to Check If My Motherboard Has Bluetooth

Most newer motherboards and devices come with Bluetooth already integrated. Checking the manual, your motherboard box, the manufacturer’s website, etc; can help you decipher if your motherboard has Bluetooth!

My name is Ty Robinson, a tech connoisseur, always researching the next big thing in the industry.  Bluetooth is an essential part of everyday computer use at this point, from peripherals such as mice, or keyboards, to printers or even your mobile device. 

One of the primary components responsible for this functionality is your motherboard. In this article, we’ll explore how to check if your motherboard has Bluetooth and what you can do to enable it if it’s available.

How to Check Motherboard for Bluetooth

Checking to see if you have Bluetooth already can be done a few different ways, I will go into detail on those methods down below!

1. Motherboard Manual 

Step one in determining if your motherboard even has Bluetooth is to go straight for the motherboard’s manual. If you still have your hands on the physical manual that came with your motherboard, pull it out and look at the specifications section. If you see Bluetooth listed, it should also give you the steps to enable it.

2. Manufacturer’s Site

If you can not seem to find your motherboard manual, worry not. We just need to visit the official website of your motherboard manufacturer. Look for the motherboard model in the product support or specification section. The manufacturer’s website will show detailed information about the features of your motherboard, including whether it has Bluetooth capabilities.

3. Windows

Windows users can also check system information to find out if Bluetooth is available. Right-click on the “Start” button, click on “Device Manager,” expand the “Bluetooth” category. 

If you see a Bluetooth adapter listed, it means that your motherboard has Bluetooth functionality. 

4. macOS

Mac users can check for Bluetooth by clicking on the Apple logo in the top-left corner, selecting “About This Mac,” and then clicking on the “System Report” button. Under the “Hardware” section, select “Bluetooth” to see if your system has a built-in Bluetooth adapter.

Enabling Bluetooth if Available

If your motherboard has Bluetooth, but you still do not see that it is available, there are steps you can take to activate it.

BIOS Settings

Enter the BIOS settings by pressing Del, F2, or F12 during startup. Look for “Advanced Settings” and search for an option to enable Bluetooth. Save changes and exit the BIOS settings.


After enabling Bluetooth in the BIOS, boot into your operating system and open the Windows Settings. Click on “Devices,” then select “Bluetooth & other devices.” Ensure that the Bluetooth switch is on.


For all Mac users, all you need to do is click on the Bluetooth icon in the menu bar (top right), and it should be turned on. If not, switch it on. If all of that fails,  you may need to reach out to Apple support for further troubleshooting and assistance.

How to Add Bluetooth to Your PC

If your PC’s motherboard does not have Bluetooth, there are several easy ways to add it. 

USB Bluetooth Adapter

A cost-effective, and simple solution to add Bluetooth to any compatible device. A USB Bluetooth Adapter is a USB that, when plugged in, will allow your PC to connect to devices wirelessly via a Bluetooth connection.

PCI/PCI-e Bluetooth Card

PCI-e Bluetooth cards plug directly into the motherboard via PCI-e x1. These are a bit costlier, but come packaged with a Wifi card as well. A great aftermarket addition to any PC to grant you access to wireless connections, and even pretty great wifi!


Here are some related questions you might want to check out as well.

Does every motherboard have Bluetooth?

Most motherboards come with Bluetooth, but budget options, or even older motherboards, will not come with Bluetooth. Make sure to read the packaging or do ample research on the motherboard.

How do I know what motherboard I have?

If you do not have the box or manual, as I stated above, the motherboard information can be found by going to Start Menu > Windows Tools > System Information.

Final Thoughts

There are a multitude of ways you can check to see if your motherboard has Bluetooth implemented already. Whether it be physically checking the packaging box or the manual, to checking your system settings or the manufacturer’s website. 

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