How Much Space Does Fortnite Take up on PC?

Fortnite will only take up to around 30 GB of space on your PC, as it was drastically reduced several years ago. This is still a large file, but around the same size (or smaller) as other similar games.

Your PC only has a limited amount of space, and for gamers, this can mean some difficult decisions. It is valuable to learn how much space certain games are taking up, to make sure they are worthwhile to have installed on your computer.

Read on to learn more about the file size of Fortnite, why it is as large as it is, and how much space it takes up on other platforms.

Key Takeaways

  • Fortnite will take up around 30 GB (or less) of storage space on your PC.
  • The file is large due to everything from textures, to audio, to skins, and even emotes.
  • The space that Fortnite takes up varies from platform to platform.

Fortnite File Size on PC

In most cases, you should expect Fortnite to take up to around 30 GB of space on your PC. The exact file size will fluctuate depending on the small patches and updates that are being installed. While this is still a relatively large file, it used to be much bigger.

Back in October of 2020, Fortnite had its file size reduced on PC. Before the change, Fortnite took up a whopping 90 GB of space, before being shrunken down to the sub-30 GB that it is today. Not only did this save space, but also improve the performance of the game.

Why is Fortnite so Large?

While there are plenty of bigger games out there, 30 GB is nothing to scoff at and still represents a significant space investment for many people. So why does Fortnite take up this much space on your PC?

Like many other modern games, Fortnite takes up a lot of space due to its high-resolution textures, and all of the detail that is put into everything from character design, to the map, and more. Other things like audio can also contribute to the space being used up.

Also, as new skins, emotes, weapons, and other additions are added to the game, the file size needs to grow to accommodate. The game features dozens of weapons, over 1,000 skins, and hundreds of emotes, which all take up a little bit of space as they are added to the game.

How Large is Fortnite on Other Platforms?

While PC is a very popular platform to play Fortnite on, it isn’t the only option that gamers have. It can also be played on the PS5/PS4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and there is even a mobile version for Android and Apple devices.

On consoles like the Xbox and Playstation, players can expect Fortnite to take up around a little over 20 GB of space. But on the Nintendo Switch, gamers should have a little over 10 GB of free space to ensure they can play the game.

If you want to play Fortnite on a mobile device it will only take up about 2 GB if you play on an iPhone, and around 3 GB if you play on an Android. Once again, the exact amount of space will differ depending on the patches and updates that are being added to the game frequently.


Here are a few frequently asked questions about how much space Fortnite takes up, as well as their answers.

How does the size of Fortnite compare to other games?

Today, games run the gamut from being under a GB, to well over 100 GB. Similar games to Fortnite, like Apex Legends and PUBG, generally take up about the same amount of space that Fortnite will. However, something like Warzone comes in at 80 GB or higher.

How to check the file size of your games?

If you want to learn how much games are taking up on your PC, the process is thankfully quite simple. You will go to Settings > System > Storage > Apps & features, and then locate Fortnite or whatever other game you are curious about.

Final Thoughts

With Fortnite taking up about 30 GB of space on your PC, it is right in line with (or smaller) than similar games. The game has featured a lot of additions and changes over the years, and it is impressive how they have been able to keep file size in check through it all.

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