Does Geek Squad Build PCs?

While it may vary from location to location, Geek Squad does provide a PC-building service! Building a PC can be very intimidating, so handing the task off to professionals to ensure the job gets done correctly is a safe and sure bet.

My name is Ty. I have been in the professional tech world for a few years, but my journey started as a Geek Squad Agent. Throughout this article, I will explain what Geek Squad is and why you should trust them with a task as crucial as this from firsthand experience.

I will delve into the subject to determine if Geek Squad provides a PC building service and evaluate the pros and cons of using their service.

Let’s get into it.

What does Geek Squad Provide?

Most people know Geek Squad for its technical support and repair services for various electronic devices. From laptops and smartphones to appliances and home theater systems, they have built a reputation for their ability to resolve complex technical issues.

Geek Squad offers virus removal, data recovery, and home network setup services. However, their offerings regarding PC building have been a topic of contention among tech enthusiasts, and for a good reason.

Availability of PC Building Services:

Contrary to popular belief, Geek Squad does offer PC-building services, albeit with certain limitations. The availability of this service can vary from one location to the next, and I recommend contacting the nearest Geek Squad location to ask about their specific offerings.

Some locations may provide PC building consultations, where their technicians can guide customers through the process and recommend suitable components. In some instances, Geek Squad technicians may also assemble the computer for customers who purchase the necessary components from them.

In the case of the Geek Squad store where I worked, if a client were to purchase and bring every component needed to assemble the PC, we were more than happy to assist. With a turnaround time of 2-3 days, you could have an expertly assembled PC with no hassle. 

Pros of using Geek Squad’s services

Technical Expertise

Geek Squad technicians are trained professionals with a deep understanding of computer hardware and software. They provide valuable advice and guidance during the PC building process, especially for those less experienced with the intricacies of assembling a computer.


By opting for Geek Squad’s PC building service, customers can save time and effort by having professionals handle the assembly and configuration of their custom-built PC. This can be particularly beneficial for individuals lacking the necessary tools or knowledge to do it independently.

Warranty and Support 

Geek Squad offers Total Tech Support or warranties on their services, providing customers with peace of mind in case any issues or malfunctions arise after the initial service is concluded. 

Cons of Geek Squad’s PC Building Service


Geek Squad’s services tend to come with a premium price tag. Availing of their PC building service may be more expensive than building a computer independently or seeking assistance from other PC building specialists.

Limited Component Choices 

While Geek Squad does have a range of components available for purchase, their selection may not be as extensive as computer hardware stores. What you see is what you get at Best Buy; if it is not provided in-store, it won’t be able to be put into your build. 

Lack of Personal Touch 

Building a PC can be an exciting and personalized event. An enriching thing that you simply miss out on when handing it off to someone else. Any PC-building enthusiast can tell you the satisfaction felt when your first PC build boots up is priceless. 

Final Thoughts

Geek Squad does provide PC building services, although the availability may vary depending on the location. Their expertise, convenience, and warranty options make them an attractive choice for those seeking professional assistance in assembling a custom-built PC. 

However, it is vital to consider the associated costs and potential limitations in component choices. The choice between taking advantage of Geek Squad’s PC building service or a solo build will depend on your preference, technical expertise, and budget constraints.

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