How Much Storage Does Minecraft Take Up?

The base Minecraft game should take up less than or around 1 GB of storage space on every device and console. But as you play longer, add some mods, and use resource packs and plugins, you will find that the file size begins to grow accordingly.

Throughout the years, I have played a lot of Minecraft on many different devices. As games seem to get larger and larger, it is always important to know how much storage space they are taking up on your devices and consoles.

With that in mind, this guide is going to take a closer look at how much storage Minecraft will take up.

Key Takeaways

  • The base game of Minecraft will normally take up less than 1 GB on your device or console.
  • The larger your world(s) get, the larger your file size will become.
  • Adding mods to your worlds will often increase the file size of Minecraft.
  • Downloading and using various resource packs and plugins will also contribute to more storage space being used up.

Base Storage for Minecraft

The base game of Minecraft will normally be under or around 1 GB in terms of storage. The exact amount will differ depending on the version and the console/computer you are using, whether it be PC, Mac, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, or mobile.

Either way, it is an incredibly small game, especially compared to many popular games today that are dozens of GB in size.

The reason the file size is so small for Minecraft is because of the low-resolution design, and the fact that the objects in the game are also very simple. So while it might not look as crisp or textured as newer games do, it only takes up a tiny fraction of the space that they would.

Things That Lead to Larger Minecraft File Sizes

However, this only counts for the base game itself. As you begin to play the game, the file size will bloat depending on what you do in the game. Here are a few things that will impact your Minecraft file size.


The more worlds you have, and the larger they become, the more storage Minecraft will take up. Minecraft worlds can get incredibly large, and feature numerous players, and all of this equals more storage space.

A single-player world that is played and explored moderately should still be under half a GB in size, so even if this game is played a lot, it won’t get anywhere near the storage space of larger titles.

If your world expands to multiple players, or you explore single-player worlds for long periods of time, there is a chance that a world could add multiple GB to the file size of the game, but anything beyond that is quite rare for a traditional world.


Minecraft is full of different mods that can change how the game is played, and these mods have the potential to increase the storage size by a noticeable amount. These mods can change the interface, boost performance, and so much more.

Resource Packs and Plugins

In a similar vein to mods, there are also resource packs and plugins that can be downloaded and used. Resource packs change either the audio or visual aspects of the game, and are quite small on their own, but as they pile up, they can certainly bloat the game file.

Plugins, on the other hand, can change how the game is played or add some unique functionality such as allowing players to teleport or introducing currency and an economy to the game. As you could imagine, large changes like these often use up a lot more space.


Here are a few frequently asked questions about how much storage space Minecraft takes up.

How much storage do Minecraft servers take up?

While some people are happy playing on their own or joining the servers of others, what if you want to host your own server? How much space will this take up? Well, it depends on how large you want the server to be.

A small server for you and a few friends will only take up a few GB, while a massive server with hundreds of players could take up dozens of GB in storage space, or more.

How can I see how much space Minecraft is taking up?

If you want to see how much space Minecraft is taking up on your PC, you can go to Settings > System > Storage > Apps & features, and then search for Minecraft. If you find that your Minecraft file size is too big, you can delete worlds or remove certain mods/plugins.

Final Thoughts

We hope that this guide has been able to help you learn more about how much storage space you can expect to use when downloading and playing Minecraft. The exact amount of storage it takes up will depend on your world and the type of experience you want to have in the game.

Do you feel that there is something we missed in this guide and should have included? If so, let us know about it in a comment!

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