3 Best Tablets for DJI Spark in 2022

The DJI Spark is an awesome drone that’s fun to operate and easily capable of capturing high definition videos and photos. It’s an innovative drone from a reputable brand and well worth looking into if you’re searching for a new model to purchase.

There are several ways to control a Spark, but few are more intuitive than using a tablet. The devices are a great way to have a better experience and see images and videos on a screen that’s larger than your smartphone. With that in mind, we will break down some of the best tablets for the DJI Spark so you can have the possible flying experience.

Quick Summary

  • The Samsung Galaxy Tab A is an affordable and capable tablet that works extremely well as a controller for the DJI Spark. With reliable performance and plenty of other features, this comes highly recommended.
  • Another top option that will provide all you need for excellent control of the DJI Spark is the Apple iPad Mini. If you want a tablet that can do a lot more than just control your drone, this is it.
  • For an affordable option that will still work well, have a look at the Acer Iconia 7.9-inch Tablet. This one is lightweight, has good battery life, and is the most budget-friendly option on the list.

Who Should Get This?

If you have a DJI Spark drone or plan on getting one, you will need a way to control it. While you can use a smartphone to control this drone, a tablet will give you a better user experience by providing a larger screen. That makes it easier to navigate by providing you with a better viewpoint of everything your drone sees with its camera. It also gives you better control over the footage you want to record as you’ll be able to see everything in more detail.

The tablets mentioned here are also great stand-alone devices, regardless of if you have a DJI Spark or not. If you want a new tablet, they will all make good additions to your tech collection. If you don’t want to spend the money on an additional device, you can still control and operate the drone from your phone and not purchase one of these tablets.

Best Tablet for DJI Spark: What to Consider in 2022


Your tablet’s size is important when looking at something to pair with the DJI Spark. A larger screen will enable you to see more clearly and also allow for better control and navigation. While you might not want to get one that’s too large, you do want something that’s larger than your smartphone to get the benefits of a larger screen size.

Battery Life

Battery life is another important consideration to take into account when deciding on a tablet. While there’s no way your drone will have a longer battery life than your tablet, you still want an option that you won’t have to charge up all the time. I’d recommend looking for an option that has at least 8 hours of battery on one charge, but more than that is even better. All of the options here will last quite a while.

Additional Features

Chances are, you will use your tablet for much more than just controlling your DJI Spark. That makes it important to look for other features you may want or need for other purposes. Consider things such as screen resolution, storage capacity, available RAM, and processor speed. Such features will allow you to browse the internet or watch movies as well as handle any creative projects you might be interested in.

Best Tablet for DJI Spark: Our Picks 2022

1. Samsung Galaxy Tab A

A great option for a tablet to use with a DJI Spark drone is the Samsung Galaxy Tab A. This comes with a 10.1-inch screen, making it plenty large enough to easily view your flight route and capture all of the footage you want to along the way. As an Android-powered device, it will easily connect to the DJI Spark anytime you want to take it out for a spin. The reliable WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity also means you’ll always be in control.

Beyond the above features, the Galaxy includes a durable, lightweight design that features an edge-to-edge screen for maximum viewing, ample 10-hour battery life, and multiple storage options. This is a top all-around tablet, and a great way to control your drone.


  • Large 10.1-inch screen
  • 10-hour battery life
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Multiple storage options
  • Excellent WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Affordable


  • On the larger size to fit into the DJI Spark controller

2. Apple iPad Mini

Another quality tablet that’s great all-around and will work really well with a DJI Spark is the Apple iPad Mini. The 7.9-inch retina display offers crisp, clear images that will surely stand out as you operate your drone. In addition, it has an A12 Bionic chip that makes the device powerful and reliable in a range of situations. With 10 hours of battery life and excellent connectivity, you can be assured this tablet will keep your drone in line and on target.


  • Great size for drone controls with 7.9-inch screen
  • 10-hour battery life
  • A12 Bionic chip for fast and reliable performance
  • Multiple storage and color options
  • Packed with other features


  • On the expensive side

3. Acer Iconia 7.9-inch Tablet

If you’re on the lookout for an affordable tablet that will still give you good control over your DJI Spark, take a look at the Acer Iconia 7.9-inch. This lightweight option comes with a display that will easily fit into the Spark controller, giving you instant control of the device when it’s time to fly. It also has a 7.5-hour battery life, 16GB of flash memory, and a dual-core Intel processor.


  • Affordable
  • Great size for pairing with DJI Spark controller
  • Lightweight
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • 16GB memory


  • Doesn’t have the longest battery life
  • Can develop charging issues over time

Useful Tips & Resources

Connecting your DJI Spark to a tablet is pretty straightforward and easy to do. You can follow the instructions that come along with your drone or, if you want to watch a video that goes in-depth on how to connect it to an Android-powered tablet, take a look here.

If you’re a first-time drone pilot, I’d always recommend starting slow and performing a few basic maneuvers before pushing it to the limits.

Final Words

If you have a DJI Spark you already have your hands on one of the best drones on the market. When you pair this with one of the tablets mentioned here, you will have a surefire way to control and operate the drone while being able to capture great video footage and amazing photos no matter where you roam.

Have you ever used a tablet to control your drone before? Which model did you use and what kind of drone was it? Let us know in the comments below!

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