3 Best Tablets for Reading Comics

Reading comics is a lot of fun, but you don’t always want to enjoy them in a traditional manner. Sometimes, you want to view them electronically. Luckily, tablets, due to their bright screens, intuitive functionality, and excellent features, are the best way to enjoy a good comic.

Every tablet in this guide comes with a long list of features that make them excellent for comic reading. The sections outlined below will cover such features and explain them in the context of enjoying your favorite stories to better explain why they stand out in a crowded market.

Quick Summary

  • The RCA Viking Pro is the best tablet for comic lovers who primarily want a reading device. It has a strong display, powerful shell, and is one of the most affordable options out there.
  • The Amazon Fire HD 10 is a powerful device for users who want to do a little bit of everything. This has great specs, a solid screen, ample apps, and makes all of your comics come to life.
  • The iPad Pro uses a liquid retina display to create one of the best screens on the market. If you’re someone who values reading in the highest possible resolution, this is your option.

Who Should Get This

These tablets, as you would imagine, are great for comic readers. Not only do they allow you to see your favorite art blown up in vivid colors, they also allow you to view them on bright, high-definition screens. Readers of all types will love the devices.

As these models have large screens with great displays, they are also solid options for people who use their tablet to stream media. If you’re someone who cares about image quality or who likes to relax with their favorite show, the tablets will make your viewing experience that much better.

Best Tablet for Reading Comics: Our Picks

1. RCA Viking Pro

While a bit outdated in terms of specs, the RCA Viking Pro is hard to beat if your main goal is to mainly read comics. This machine has solid internal specs, as well as a strong outer shell that protects it in the event of a fall or drop. There isn’t a whole lot of diversity here, but the programs are more than you’ll ever need when reading comics. The Micro USB slot lets you hold plenty of different books as well.

The Viking Pro comes in at one of the lowest price points on the market. That makes it good for comic readers on a budget. The touchscreen display is easy to use and the 1.3GHz 4 Quad Core processor will allow you to view any comic in bright, clear resolution. There’s also a travel keyboard, which gives you the ability to use this model in different ways.

What We Like:

  • Strong, able to withstand drops
  • Excellent cameras
  • Can be used in tablet or computer mode
  • Included travel keyboard
  • Micro USB slot
  • 1.3GHz 4 Quad-Core processor
  • Touchscreen display
  • Affordable
  • Available in multiple colors

What We Don’t Like:

  • Battery life is a bit short

2. Amazon Fire HD 10

Amazon has long been making affordable-but-strong tablets, and the Fire HD 10 falls right in line with those standards. Though this doesn’t quite have the options offered by other brands, the excellent screen and superior resolution (1900 x 1200) make it great for comic reading. This tablet is also easy to hold or throw into your bag. If you like to read comics while you travel, no model will give you better results.

The Fire HD 10 is more than just a small frame. It’s powered by an Octa-Core processor and has a 12-hour battery life so you can read for hours with no distractions. As this is an Amazon device, it is fully compatible with Alexa as well. The hands-free option comes in handy more often than you would first think. The USB-C cable also enables you to easily transfer information between devices.

What We Like:

  • Low price point
  • Strong Octa-Core processor
  • 12-hour battery life
  • Alex compatible
  • Front and rear cameras
  • Crisp display
  • Ample internal storage
  • Fast charging
  • USB-C cable
  • Different color options

What We Don’t Like:

  • App functionality may be too basic for some

3. iPad Pro (11-inch)

Equipped with a range of internal features, a wide screen, and four speakers, the iPad Pro is one of the best tablets on the market. Not only does it look great and come in multiple colors, it packs an impressive 10-hour display as well. The cameras work quite well, and the strong processor enables you to utilize a range of different programs. That combination makes this an excellent choice for those who want a pure relaxation machine.

The reason this makes the list for comic reading is two-fold. First, it gives you access to the iOS app store, which has ample ways to both download and enjoy your favorite stories. Beyond that, it also has one of the best and brightest screens on the market. That is why, despite its hefty price tag, so many users choose this as their main reading device.

What We Like:

  • 10 hours of battery life
  • Bright, vivid display
  • Excellent cameras
  • Many apps to choose from
  • Edge-to-edge retina display
  • Four speaker audio sounds great
  • Face ID
  • Sturdy

What We Don’t Like:

  • A bit bigger than some might like
  • High price tag

Best Tablet for Reading Comics: What to Consider


A good comic-reading tablet starts with the screen. You obviously want the images you view to pop, which is why a clear display is important. Do your best to get a model with stunning colors and excellent clarity. This may cost you a bit more, but if you have the budget there’s no better feature for reading comics on a device. HD options are always preferable.

Battery Life

One of the best parts of reading on a tablet is being able to lay down and flip through your favorite stories for hours. However, nothing ruins you from getting lost in a story like a low battery. While going to plug in isn’t a big deal, it disrupts your relaxation and stops the immersion. You want a tablet with a battery life of at least eight hours, but the longer, the better. Quick-charging tablets are nice to have as well.


Size is a big consideration when getting a tablet. A large model will allow you to more easily see and read comics, but it can also be bulky and awkward to use when lying or sitting down. In contrast, a small tablet is easier to carry, but may not be as enjoyable to look at or use. This choice simply comes down to what you want from a tablet, as well as what you value in your comic reading.

Useful Tips and Information

Many enjoy reading comics on a tablet, but not everyone is convinced that it’s the best way to go. If you still want some information on the subject, or if you’re simply curious about comic reading in a digital age, look at this video.

You don’t just go out and buy a tablet with comics already on it. You first need to download the strips onto your device and then read them in your own way. Many apps help you do that, but these ones are the best you can find.

Final Words

Looking at comics on your tablet is a great experience. The above devices make it even better. Every tablet outlined here has a great display, awesome colors, and a bright screen. That combination makes them the best way to read your favorite comics in any setting at any time of day.

Do you use your tablet to read comics? Which ones do you enjoy? Let us know in the comments below!

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