3 Best Laptop Stands for Bed in 2022

The beauty of a laptop is that it can go anywhere, and if you don’t feel like leaving the warm cocoon of your blankets, you don’t have to.

After all, why leave your cozy roost just for a computer?

While a bed doesn’t boast a nice, flat, built in surface to place your laptop while you watch movies or work from home, there are plenty of ways to change that.

With bending stands, pop up tables or bed desks, your laptop can meet you halfway, bringing its power to you rather than the other way around.

In this article, we’re going to show you how to pick the best laptop stand for bed and share a few of our favorites.

Quick Summary

  • For simplicity and ergonomics, the AOOU Laptop Stand For Bed offers an uncomplicated design that will accomplish your goals without bringing features you don’t need along for the ride. It supports a plethora of angles and arrangements, ventilated.
  • For class and style, the NNEWVANTE 100% Bamboo Laptop Desk takes the cake. Made of eco-friendly and naturally heat resistant bamboo, the desk features an angled platform for your laptop, a small drawer, and legs that lock in place.
  • For a high tech solution, the DG Sports Laptop Stand with Internal Cooling Fan has a whole plethora of features to offer. From the fan to the row of USBs to the LED lamp, it’s prepared for any situation that could arise.

Who Should Get This?

If you already use your laptop in bed frequently, this is a great option for you. Using a laptop on your lap is actually quite detrimental for its performance because the soft surface blocks the necessary airflow for the fans to cool the computer, and allows dust to more easily clog the vents thus causing your laptop to run slowly. In this case, getting a stand is a must in order to extend the life of your computer and allow it to perform better.

Only use your laptop on the bed occasionally? Getting a stand is still a good idea for those occasions when you do, plus many of them are multi-purpose and can be used in other situations.

But if you’re a staunch supporter of working only at desks, then a laptop stand for bed probably isn’t in your best interests.

Laptop Bed Stand/Table: What to Consider in 2022?

Angle and Flexibility

You’re using your laptop in bed for maximum comfort, so your stand should accommodate that. The best designs feature an adjustable angle so that you don’t have to sit straight up if you don’t want to, and many offer legs that bend to adjust the height as well.


While a solid table may seem the most durable, look for a design that features ventilation for your laptop if possible. This will help facilitate airflow underneath your laptop where it heats up most, and will ultimately improve your PC performance. Plus, you won’t have to worry about the bottom of your laptop being excessively hot when you remove it from the table.


If you can’t survive without a mouse even when using a laptop, make sure you pick a laptop stand that features enough space for you to move around. Some will include a separate mouse area, while others will simply have a more spacious tabletop. However, if you don’t mind trackpads, then you might be fine with a smaller, more portable desk.

3 Best Laptop Stands for Bed in 2022

1. NNEWVANTE 100% Bamboo Laptop Desk

Complete with a small drawer and USB powered ventilation fan, this desk is great for many reasons. The fan cutout will provide airflow even when it isn’t powered, the legs feature a locking mechanism to prevent collapse, and the bamboo is light and stylish, perfect for any setting.


  • Light yet sturdy design features an angled place for your computer, a drawer, and mouse area.
  • The bamboo is environmentally friendly and naturally dissipates heat, while extendable legs allow you to further adjust for max comfort.


  • Fan is powered by USB, which may drain your computer battery quite a bit (especially if you aren’t using a laptop with long battery life.

2. DG Sports Laptop Stand With Cooling Fan And LED Light

Take your tech to the next level with this feature-packed desk. While it features a classic table design, the insides have plenty of modern upgrades to boast about, from a cooling fan to LEDs and USB ports. You definitely won’t be caught unprepared or forced to leave the comfort of your bed.


  • Built-in fan keeps your computer cool and can be angled for better viewing and typing.
  • Includes a desk light for late night sessions, a separate area for your mouse or mug, and an edge lined with USB ports for charging or connecting devices.


  • Larger laptops may have difficulty fitting on top of the designated fan section.

3. AOOU Laptop Stand For Bed And Sofa

Prefer laying back to sitting upright with a table? Not too worried about mouse space? This laptop desk is minimalist and keeps to the essentials, providing a variety of angles for comfort but a simple design that won’t bother you with extra features.


  • Bending legs are sturdy and will support a variety of angles and holding styles so that you can find the one that best suits your position.
  • Legs lock in place. Additionally, the tabletop has ventilation along the bottom to keep your laptop cool.


  • No space for a mouse or accessories, especially if you have a larger laptop.

Additional Tips

If you choose a laptop desk with ventilation but without a fan, you might still experience overheating, especially if you use your laptop for intensive tasks such as creative software or gaming. In this case, look into purchasing an external fan or cooling pad that is specifically designed to spin extremely fast and cool your laptop as quickly as possible.

Meanwhile, it’s worth noting that a laptop stand for bed will bring you comfort and convenience, but keep an eye on the time you spend staring at your laptop screen. Make sure you take breaks every 30 minutes or hourly. It’s good for your health.

If you decide to work from home, be sure to check out these great tips from Limit Breaker on how to set up a home office to spark creativity and allow you to do your best work.

Final Words

Your bed is cozy, and no one wants to leave the warm sheets on a cold morning or late evening to use the computer from a stiff, uncomfortable chair while you try or try and hold yourself awake at a desk. A laptop stand for bed is the perfect solution for everything from a lazy movie night to sick days or work from home.

So, what’s your favorite part about staying in bed with your laptop?

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