3 Best Laptop Backpacks for Women in 2022

Women’s products are notorious for a lack of storage space. From pants with tiny – or even fake – pockets to stylishly small backpacks, it can be hard to carry everything that you need for the day.

This is especially true when it comes to electronics. Many women’s bags simply aren’t large enough for a laptop, while others lack protective padding or organization pouches for accessories.

Luckily, you don’t have to resort to carrying your laptop on top of a pile of book or binders in your arms. There are plenty of stylish yet functional laptop backpacks made specifically for women that will meet your demands for both storage and aesthetics.

Quick Summary

  • Best for Storage: Kaukko Casual Outdoor Laptop Daypack — If you need to carry a lot of things besides your backpack, the Kaukko is the best choice. It’s large and roomy, with multiple pockets for organization and is ready for anything you throw at it.
  • Best for Style: KROSER Laptop Backpack — Need a bag to take to the office that doesn’t make it seem like you’re still in high school? This model steps it up a notch with both a trendy color scheme, top-opening design, and sleek shape. It also remains extremely practical with waterproofing and plenty of storage.
  • Best Multipurpose: Winblo Lightweight Travel Daypack — If you need a combination of style and functionality, the Winblo is the way to go. It has a deceptively large amount of space compared to how it looks, multiple pockets, a USB port, and a reinforced top handle. It’s available in 8 different colors, so you can match it to your existing style.

Who Should Get This?

If you’re a woman, and you’ve gotten fed up with bland backpacks, undersized carry space, fashion backpacks that lack proper padding/support, or other woes when it comes to transporting your laptop or other work materials, these suggestions are for you.

The backpacks here are recommended for their support, style, and electronic protection, and excel in every category without making sacrifices or cutting corners. They’re also great choices because they’re designed for a woman’s smaller frame, rather than coming across as bulky like a male-marketed or unisex model would.

If you don’t regularly take your laptop out and about, then you might be better off looking for a laptop bag or sleeve instead. These designs typically don’t include extra storage and are very form fitted to the laptop. This makes them great for storing your laptop or the occasional bit of travel, without the bulk necessary for taking it out and about on daily basis.

Best Laptop Backpack for Women: What to Consider in 2022?


Laptop backpacks come in a variety of sizes, and for a good reason! If you have an 11? MacBook Air or Chromebook, you don’t need the same amount of space as someone with a 15? Dell XPS. All that extra sliding around space would make your laptop a lot less secure.

Besides the size of the laptop pocket, also consider how much additional storage space there is. Whether you take large notebooks with you regularly, pack gym clothes and don’t want to carry a second bag, or only bring a water bottle and some pens, always take into consideration how much additional space you need.


A laptop backpack should have sufficiently padded straps, a stiff back panel for support, and interior padding around all pockets designated for electronic devices. Adjustability is also key to reducing strain on your back, and all materials should be durable enough to withstand the tests of time and use. Look for reinforced bases, zippers, and straps.


There are plenty of bags available, which means you don’t have to settle for one that doesn’t work with your style. A variety of materials, color options, and designs allow you to make your bag part of your outfit rather than a simple tool. A backpack doesn’t have to look like your traditional, two straps and one big zipper grade school model, so don’t settle for anything less than ideal.

Best Laptop Backpack for Women in 2022: Our Picks

1. Kaukko Casual Outdoor Laptop Daypack

If you have a larger laptop and a larger variety of things to take with you on the daily, the Kaukko pack is a great choice. The versatile design can fit up to 15.6? laptop, while still leaving plenty of space for large books, binders, or other materials. It’s also ready for all types of conditions, from an office to the outdoors.


  • Lots of storage space for both your electronics and your daily items.
  • Secure design for keeping everything in place is stylish both indoors and out.
  • Shoulder straps are well padded and the back has mesh panels to promote airflow.


  • The top has two latches — a drawstring, and the flap that snaps closed.
  • You might find this a bit cumbersome compared to a zipper.

2. KROSER Laptop Backpack

Combining fashion and functionality, the KROSER is a unique backpack. It has a reinforced back panel and straps for support but also has top handles if you want to carry it like a purse. The black and gold design is trendy, but also waterproof. And the interior is roomy but organized.


  • Very chic design is great for school, the office, or a day out.
  • The bag is available in two sizes (14? and 15.6?) so you can adjust depending on the size of your laptop.


  • Does not come with a power bank but does include a charging port (you’ll need to supply your own power bank).

3. Winblo Lightweight Travel Daypack

Whether you just need the essentials to fit inside for your daily commute, or a whole array of electronics, this simple and durable backpack will do the trick. The design includes two large pockets, a smaller front pocket, and well-padded straps that will reduce string. Fits up to a 15.6? laptop and is available in 8 different colors.


  • Multiple pockets in addition to the laptop division are great for organization.
  • It also has a reinforced top handle in case you need to pick it up directly.
  • The style is sleek and modern.


  • No side pouches for water bottles, and features a USB port but does not come with a power bank.
  • You will need to supply your own.

Useful Tips & Tricks

A large part of getting the most out of your backpack is using it correctly. Especially if you’ve experienced back pain in the past, it’s critical to make sure you’re using the backpack the way it was designed to get the maximum support.

With any backpack, regardless of style, you should place the heaviest things closest to your back. The lightest items should be placed the furthest forward. Always use both straps to evenly distribute weight on both shoulders — never just one. Lastly, make sure to adjust the straps so that the backpack does not hang below your hips and essentially pull your posture backward.


These backpacks aren’t your standard two-pocket, flimsy models from high school. They’re durable, stylish, and offer you everything from extra organization to charging to amazing back support. No more tiny pocket woes – you can fit everything you need for the day and more without sacrifices.

So ladies and girls, how to do you get the most out of your laptop backpack? Leave us a comment below and tell us what works best for you!

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