3 Best Detachable Laptops in 2022

Laptops and tablets are some of the most popular devices for both personal and professional use. However, needing to have one of each is no longer required, thanks to the introduction of detachable laptops.

Also known as 2-in-1 laptops, detachable laptops can operate as a standard laptop, but the screen can also be taken off so it will act like a tablet. If you are after a versatile and comfortable device for any situation, a detachable laptop might be right for you.

However, with many options out there, which are the best detachable laptops to consider?

Quick Summary

  • If you want a portable and powerful laptop, with great connectivity, consider the Samsung Galaxy Book. It is very easy to detach and comes with a stylus for even more usability features.
  • If you want a detachable laptop that doesn’t sacrifice any power or specs for its compact size, consider the HP Elite X2. It features impressive RAM, storage and processing speeds, while still being incredibly portable.
  • If you want a detachable laptop that can be taken with you anywhere and last all day, consider the Microsoft Surface Pro 6. In addition to its lightweight design and solid battery, it is beautifully designed and powerful enough for many users.

Who Should Get This?

A detachable laptop is a good option for people who want the best of both worlds when it comes to your computing. One of the best things about a detachable laptop is that it can be used nearly anywhere for almost any kind of task. You are basically getting two powerful devices for the price of one.

The benefits of a detachable laptop include portability, flexibility, comfort and affordability. Whether a situation calls for a touch-screen tablet, or a powerful and functional laptop, you will be prepared. Of course, if you already own both a laptop and a tablet (or don’t have a need for both), then this type of device might not be right for you.

Best Detachable Laptops: What to Consider in 2022


When looking at any device, it is a good idea to consider the specifications before making a purchase. The specs of a device include processing power, graphics, screen resolution, storage space, speed, and countless others. The specs will directly tie into what the detachable laptop can do, and how will it perform.

The better and more powerful the specs, the better the device will be. Thankfully, finding and comparing the specs from one device to another is quite simple and straightforward.

Size and Design

Next, you’ll want to consider the size and design of the device. The size and weight of a laptop will directly influence how portable the device is. The lighter and smaller it is, the easier it will be to carry and use anywhere.

Also, while all detachable laptops can convert into a tablet, the design and look will range from device to device. Some will look just like a standard laptop, while others will connect and stand in a different way. Think about which style you like better and which would be more comfortable for your needs.

Battery Life

One of the biggest selling points of a detachable laptop is the flexibility and portability at it offers. They can be used anywhere and everywhere. A big part of a device offering good portability is a strong battery life. Long battery life will allow you to use the laptop for hours and hours without having to be tethered to a wall charger.

The Best Detachable Laptops: Our Picks for 2022

1. Samsung Galaxy Book

The Samsung Galaxy Book is a great option for those who want a good mix of performance and portability. The device features 4GB of RAM and 128GB of SSD storage all in a very light and portable device. An S Pen is also included in the package to provide another way to use the laptop. The device also features superb connectivity as it can be connected to your Samsung smartphone in seconds.


  • The screen is high quality
  • The size of the device is compact, while still being sturdy
  • The battery charges up fairly fast


  • The included keyboard could be better
  • Battery life isn’t great

2. HP Elite X2

The HP Elite X2 is perfect for people who want an incredibly powerful device, that is still easy to take with you anywhere. This laptop and tablet combination is powerful enough to complete a wide range of tasks with its 8 GB of RAM and 256GB SSD, which rivals many full-sized laptops.

Add to that a quick processor and an HD touchscreen display and you have one of the best options on the market. Simply put, this device is versatile and spec-heavy enough to replace a primary laptop and tablet.


  • It is fast and responsive
  • The screen features high-quality Gorilla Glass
  • Capable of replacing a standard laptop for many, due to specs


  • The speakers aren’t the best
  • Some aren’t a fan of the design and how it sits

3. Microsoft Surface Pro 6

If your biggest need out of a detachable laptop is portability and comfortability, this device might be the one for you. It weighs as light as 1.7 pounds, and has a battery life of up to 13.5 hours to keep you going all day. Of course, the laptop also features 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, so it offers more than just portability.


  • Can also be used in studio mode for writing and drawing
  • All-day battery life
  • Stunning and simple design


  • Some users report being sent the wrong version
  • Some people aren’t happy with the charger

Useful Tips and Resources

As with any piece of technology or device, it is important to care for your detachable laptop. The better you care for it and the more gentle you are with it, the longer it will last. Keep it somewhere that is not only safe, but is also kept at a reasonable temperature.

Cleaning your device is also a good idea. You can do simple cleaning like getting the dust off the screen and removing any smudges, but there are also more in-depth cleaning that can be done, such as what is covered in this video:

Also, when dealing with a detachable laptop, it is important to be careful when converting it. Most of them are very easy to connect and disconnect, but you still need to be careful. If you do it recklessly or incorrect, it could potentially ruin the connection and turn your detachable laptop into a tablet if it can no longer connect to the keyboard.

Final Words

A detachable laptop can offer users the best of both worlds. Whether you want a portable tablet for the subway, or a fully-functional laptop for your home office, a detachable laptop can help. Hopefully the information included in this article has helped you discover the best detachable laptop for your needs.

Is there a detachable laptop that you know about that you feel deserves to be included in this article? If there is, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments.

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