3 Best Curved Monitors for Work in 2022

In today’s world, technology is constantly advancing. That’s especially true of computer monitors. There is a wide range of different styles out there, and while they all have their pros and cons, none of them give you wider viewing angles or less distortion than a curved one.

Curved monitors are incredibly useful, as they enable you to use your computer in a whole new way. Rather than leaving you to go out and get one on your own, this guide will give you an in-depth look at the best models on the market.

Quick Summary

  • If cost is no obstacle, the Samsung CJ890 is the way to go. This massive 49-inch monitor is an excellent work option for users who want as big of a display as possible.
  • The Sceptre Curved LED Monitor is a well-rounded device made for users who want a lot of quality in a versatile package. This looks great, thanks to the 1080p Full HD resolution, and comes with stunning colors.
  • The Viotek NBV24CB is a budget option for users who want to save money on their curved monitor. It offers excellent viewing angles, a blue light filter, and a full HD display.

Who Should Get This?

These monitors are best for people who want to work in an easy, more relaxed way. Curved monitors allow you to see everything at once, which cuts down on eye strain and long term soreness.

They also eliminate distortion, which also makes it much easier to work for extended periods. If you’re someone who spends a lot of time on your computer and who doesn’t mind spending a bit more, these are the way to go.

Best Curved Monitor for Work: Our Picks in 2022

1. Samsung CJ890

The Samsung CJ890 is a business monitor in every sense of the word. This is for serious work and, thanks to the extremely wide 49-inch screen, easily shows everything in one place.

Despite the size, the special curve makes it easy and comfortable to view. That cuts down on eye-strain and makes sure you can stay productive for longer periods of time.

While this comes at an extremely high price tag, it greatly increases your general work output. Beyond the comfortable view, it is also fully adjustable.

This can shift height, as well as swivel, tilt, and pivot to make sure your viewing angle is exactly what you want. It also comes with two integrated USB-C ports, which helps you connect a range of other devices and allows you to more easily transfer data.

What We Like:

  • Extremely wide display
  • 32:9 aspect ratio
  • Height, swivel, and tilt features
  • 1800R ultra-curved screen
  • Immersive and vivid viewing experience
  • Two USB-C ports
  • 144Hz refresh rate
  • Bright, clear resolution

What We Don’t Like:

  • Extremely expensive

2. Sceptre Curved LED Monitor

The 27-inch curved monitor from Sceptre has one of the best resolutions out there. As mentioned above, it’s much more enjoyable (and easier) to work on a clear display.

This comes with a Full HD 1080p screen and striking visuals. That makes it especially useful for those who work in artistic or creative mediums. Even so, more traditional programs also look stunning on this device.

Music listeners will also like this monitor. It comes with loud, clear audio that sounds great at all volume levels.

If you rock out or plug headphones in while you type, this is the monitor for you. This also connects to devices, thanks to the HDMI and VGA inputs, and can be wall mounted if you want to buy the additional Vesa wall mount.

What We Like:

  • Beautiful display
  • Sleek design
  • 1080p Full HD
  • 75Hz refresh rate
  • Strong, sturdy stand
  • HDMI and VGA inputs

What We Don’t Like:

  • Vesa mount sold separately
  • Prone to screen blending

3. Viotek NBV24CB

If you’re someone who wants a well-rounded curved monitor for work that won’t break the bank, the Viotek NBV24CB is for you. While not as big as other models, the 24-inch screen and full HD display offer excellent clarity.

The colors are bright and clear, and the 75Hz refresh rate enables you to watch videos without any dropped frames. This model also saves space and the curved design ensures you can easily see all of your work right in front of you.

As with other great curved work monitors, the Viotek NBV24CB actively filters blue light so you won’t get any soreness or eye fatigue from working for extended periods of time.

The screen is also fun to look at and comes with Viotek’s Zero-Tolerance Dead Pixel Policy to ensure you get great clarity for years to come.

This also is great for games. While that won’t matter for office users, that allows it to double as a gaming monitor for people who work from home.

What We Like:

  • Full HD
  • Great viewing angles
  • Low price point
  • Multiple color options
  • Space-saving design
  • Blue light filter
  • 75Hz refresh rate
  • Extremely clear display
  • Zero tolerance dead pixel policy
  • 3-year limited warranty

What We Don’t Like:

  • Stand not as sturdy as other options

Best Curved Monitor for Work: What to Consider in 2022

Color Accuracy

When getting a curved monitor for work, it’s easy to focus on the large size and unique viewing angles. However, color is important as well.

You may not think about bright, vivid displays when getting a working monitor, but it’s always important for your screen to look as nice as possible. Even going online or accessing a document can be a lot more enjoyable when everything pops.


A monitor’s size is also extremely important. When getting a solid curved option, you typically want a device that sits somewhere between 30 and 42 inches.

That will keep everything in view and still give you a comfortable viewing experience. What side of that spectrum you pick is completely up to you. As long as you stay within your budget and available desk space you’ll be fine.


It’s also important for your monitor to pump out good sound. No matter how much you use your monitor for work, there are going to be times where you need good audio.

That can be listening to tunes, plugging into an important meeting, or checking out a video. Clear speakers are a must here, especially if you like to rock out as your type.

Useful Tips and Information

It doesn’t matter what type of computer monitor you own, you need to take care of it. There are many different ways to extend the device’s life. If you want to make sure it holds up year after year, consult the advice outlined in this guide.

Above, we covered a few characteristics to think about when getting your curved monitor. However, there are many other traits to consider as well. This video, while pertaining to all monitor types, takes a more in-depth look at what traits to consider when getting a new display.

Final Words

Many consider curved monitors for gaming, but they make great business options as well. The wide devices look great and make it easy to see/manage all of your work in one place.

If you want a new display or are looking for something a bit different, you can’t do better than what’s listed in this article.

Do you use a curved monitor for work? Why do you prefer it over traditional options? Let us know below.

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