3 Best Budget Android Tablets in 2022

Let’s face it, tablets can be expensive. The devices are incredibly popular due to their functionality and compact size. Even so, not everyone wants to pay an arm and leg for their electronics. There are some great budget tablets out there if you know where to look.

In this guide, we will analyze the best affordable Android tablets. The different models all manage to pack in a ton of exciting features at a low price tag.

Quick Summary

  • The Vankyo MatrixPad is an affordable Android tablet for night readers. This model uses the Eye Health feature to help you read when the lights are off, and has plenty of great specs as well.
  • The Lenovo Tab 4 10 is a budget option for users who don’t mind paying a bit more for premium models. This device is quite responsive thanks to the Snapdragon processor and 2GB of RAM.
  • Users who want a strong screen will love the Samsung Galaxy Tab A. Equipped with a minimized bezel, this tablet has a bright 8-inch display and a sleek metallic finish.

Who Should Get This?

The tablets listed below are all great for people on a budget. The low price tags come with premium features to ensure that you’ll get great results regardless of what you pay. Of course, the specs might not match more premium models, but they easily get the job done.

As this article’s title implies, every model is an Android. As such, they will only work for Android users or people who aren’t strict about their operating system. If you are someone who won’t deviate from iOS or Windows, it’s best to look for other budget tablets.

Best Budget Android Tablets: Our Picks 2022

1. Vankyo MatrixPad

Equipped with a wide array of impressive specs, including 2GB of RAM and a 64-bit Quad-core processor, the Vankyo MatrixPad is an incredibly strong machine for its price.

This affordable model has a bright display, which makes it excellent to watch media on, and comes with a strong pair of dual speakers. The microSD card slot also lets you expand the already solid memory if you find yourself needing extra space.

The MatrixPad is quite portable too. The smaller size and lightweight design mean you can bring it with you without adding any extra weight to your ensemble.

Beyond that, many night readers will love the Eye Health feature. That trait automatically adjusts and optimizes the backlight as you work, read, or watch so you can use your tablet at night without any extra strain on your corneas.

What We Like:

  • Energy-saving 64-bit quad-core processor
  • Portable size
  • Vivid display
  • Eye Health feature
  • Strong dual speakers
  • MicroSD card slot
  • Expandable memory
  • Lightweight construction
  • Strong specs create smooth performance

What We Do Not Like:

  • Battery could be stronger
  • Slow to charge

2. Lenovo Tab 4 10

While a bit more expensive than the other budget options on this list, the Lenovo Tab 4 10 has many features that make it worth your while.

First, the versatile device comes equipped with strong internal specs like the Snapdragon 64-bit Octa-core processor. This is one of the most responsive Android tablets out there, giving you access to a range of different apps and programs with just one touch of a finger.

The audio here is exceptional as well. The dual-stereo front-facing speakers are powered by Dolby Atmos Audio to bring both music and media to life. Everything sounds good on this model.

Those with families will also appreciate the Lenovo Kid’s Pack, which comes with a bumper, stickers, and blue-light screen filter to let your little ones in on the fun. Add on the sleek design and you have a true winner.

What We Like:

  • Dual-stereo front-facing speakers
  • Dolby Atmos Audio
  • 32GB ROM storage
  • Quite responsive
  • Snapdragon 64-bit octa-core processor
  • Optional Lenovo Kid’s pack

What We Do Not Like:

  • Can’t update operating system

3. Samsung Galaxy Tab A

Lightweight and striking, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A is a solid affordable Android tablet that can do a little bit of everything. This model is slim, looks great as a result of the metallic finish, and comes with a minimized bezel design.

Those three features come together to give you an attractive device that you can throw into your bag or carry around the house. The wide screen also pops, making it perfect for watching shows.

If you’re someone who enjoys audio, you will appreciate the Tab A’s dual speakers. The battery also lasts 13 hours on a single charge.

That gives you plenty of time to sit back and use all of the features packed inside this device. There is also 32GB memory here, and you can further expand that with a MicroSD card if you so choose.

What We Like:

  • Minimized bezel
  • Attractive shell with clean color options
  • MicroSD slot enables you to expand memory
  • 32GB internal memory
  • Bright, lively screen
  • 8-inch display
  • Clear speakers with surround sound
  • Slim and easy to carry
  • Metallic finish

What We Do Not Like:

  • Comes with quite a bit of bloatware
  • Could be more responsive

Best Budget Android Tablets: What to Consider in 2022


When getting a more affordable tablet you have to pay attention to the screen. Many companies will cut down on their display in order to cut costs.

While you won’t be able to match more expensive models, you should still do your best to get a vibrant screen that looks great in a range of different conditions. Always try to get tablets that have multiple viewing angles or that hold up under bright light.

Battery Life

When using a tablet, expensive or otherwise, you want something that you’ll be able to use. A low battery might not seem like a big deal, but it becomes much more of a problem when it dies in the middle of your favorite show or working on an important project.

Your goal should be to get a tablet with the longest possible battery life. Nine or more hours is what you’re shooting for, but anything over ten is ideal.


While all Android tablets have the same system, they differ in their control and design. Some are quite easy to get the hang of, but some are much more convoluted.

When picking out a model, do your best to get something you can use. It doesn’t matter how many features it comes with or how many traits it has, a tablet isn’t worth your time if it’s difficult to operate.

Useful Tips and Information

There is a lot you can do with Android tablets, budget or otherwise. While many people enjoy their devices, most users only scratch the surface. If you want to get the most from your tablet, follow the handy tricks listed here.

One of the best reasons to get a tablet is to take advantage of the apps it offers. Android gives you access to the Google Play store. While you can aimlessly scroll through it looking for programs, this video should give you a bit more focus on what to download.

Final Words

Premium Android tablets don’t always need to break the bank. There are a wide range of excellent devices on the market that deliver excellent results time and time again.

It is easy to be put off by a low price tag, but don’t let that fool you. The above models are great for anyone looking for a new Android device, whether they’re on a budget or not.

Do you prefer Android tablets? What traits make them special? Let us know in the comments below!

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