Best 34-inch Curved Monitors

A quality monitor is absolutely essential when it comes to your computing experience. That’s especially true if you have specific needs that require a larger display. For purposes such as gaming, working, or entertainment, a large curved monitor can improve your experience or workflow.

Here, we will look at some of the best 34-inch curved monitors on the market and break down their exceptional traits.

Quick Summary

  • The LG 34GL750-B is one of the best options around. It can truly take your gaming experience to the next level. With amazing clarity and plenty of other features, it’s a great option for just about anyone.
  • If you want a larger monitor for work purposes, the Samsung Business CH890 is a top choice. This can help improve your workflow and handle business.
  • Another excellent option is the Phillips 346B1C Ultrawide. With stunning resolution and an array of other features, this is an awesome all-around model.

Who Should Get This

34-inch curved monitors are great for anyone who needs or wants a larger-than-normal computer monitor. These options are great for gaming or entertainment because they come with an extremely high-quality resolution that can increase your experience as you play or watch videos. The curved design also brings images to life and makes things much more interactive.

Large curved monitors are also great for work purposes. People who work as coders, video editors, or any other profession that can benefit from extra room on a display will love the choices listed below.

While these can work for everyone, they do tend to be more expensive than your average display. If you don’t have a specific need for a large monitor, you might be better off with a different model.

Best 34-Inch Curved Monitor: Our Picks

1. LG 34GL750-B Ultragear Curved Monitor

One of the best options on the market is the LG 34GL750-B 34-inch Ultragear Curved Monitor. This is a high-quality monitor that’s great for gaming. The 21:9 curved WFHD IPS display comes with an amazing 2560X1080 resolution to deliver stunning graphics and excellent gameplay.

The 144Hz refresh rate means that you will rarely experience lagging or glitches. It adds to the high-end capabilities as well.

This option also comes equipped with RadeonFree Sync which eliminates glitchy graphics and makes it easy to play videos or movies. It also has an adjustable stand so you can dial in the viewing angle to your liking.

Other awesome features include a G-SYNC certification for faster gaming, 1ms blur reduction, and the fairly affordable price.


  • 2560X1080 resolution
  • 21:9 Full HD IPS Display
  • 144Hz refresh rate
  • Excellent monitor for gaming
  • RadeonFree Sync technology
  • Adjustable stand
  • G-SYNC certified


  • Doesn’t come with wall mounting options

2. Samsung Business CH890 Series

This is a great option for work purposes. The ultrawide screen will give you all the room you need to improve workflow and increase your business capabilities.

The 34-inch display features an Ultra WQHD resolution of 3440X1440 for amazing graphics no matter what you have on-screen and a 100Hz refresh rate adds to the clarity. It also features picture-in-picture for dual-screen functionality.


  • Ultra WQHD resolution
  • Picture in picture function creates dual-screen capabilities
  • 100 Hz refresh rate
  • Great monitor for business and multi-tasking
  • Ergonomic design
  • Adjustable stand and wall mountable


  • On the expensive side

3. Phillips 346B1C Ultrawide Monitor

Another high-quality option is the Phillips 346B1C Ultrawide 34” Curved Monitor. This provides an amazing viewing experience thanks to its frameless LED design that provides a 3440X1440 resolution. It also features a built-in USB-C docking station and a KVM switch to allow you to connect the monitor to other devices.

Other key features on this monitor include Philips MultiView, which allows you to view two sources at once, a PowerSensor mode that reduces energy consumption, and LowBlue mode that cuts down on eye strain. It also comes with an adjustable tilt and swivel stand for a customized viewing angle.


  • Ultrawide LED design with excellent resolution
  • Built-in USB docking station
  • MultiView allows for two-source viewing
  • Plenty of cool additional features
  • Fully adjustable stand
  • 100Hz refresh rate


  • Not wall-mountable

Best 34″ Curved Monitor: What to Consider


One of the main benefits of a large monitor is increased resolution. For gaming or entertainment purposes, a higher resolution will definitely improve your overall experience and is well worth the purchase. The widescreen afforded by all of the monitors listed here also provides an immersive experience that really benefits from having a higher than average screen resolution.


Another key consideration when getting a 34-inch curved monitor is the amount and type of inputs it comes with. Depending on your needs or what type of computer you plan to hook up, you should make sure you have the proper inputs. HDMI ports are almost universal these days, but make sure to look for any other specific plug-ins you need before you make the purchase.

Adjustable Stand/Type of Mount

Since these larger monitors are often used for gaming and entertainment, you want to choose an option that allows you to adjust the display to your liking. An adjustable stand is key to getting the best viewing angle for your specific setup. You might also want to mount the monitor on a wall instead of a desk or tabletop. The options here all come with adjustable stands.

Refresh Rate

A monitor’s refresh rate is another important consideration. That refers to how many times a second your monitor will update the images you see, and it’s a critical aspect of getting high-quality images on the display. This rate is expressed in Hz. When you see a number in front of that, such as 100Hz, it means that the refresh rate is 100 images a second. The higher the better.

Useful Tips & Resources

As I mentioned earlier, a monitor’s refresh rate will allow you to enjoy a better gaming or viewing experience. While all of these monitors come with high refresh rates, you sometimes need to adjust your computer to allow for the maximum possible rate. Take a look at this quick video to learn how to adjust the refresh rate on your computer.

If you want to wall mount your monitor, you need to do it right. If you don’t, you risk messing up the wall or having your monitor fall and get damaged. It’s important to securely attach the monitor properly to avoid this. Check out this video for some help in that regard.

Final Words

A 34-inch curved monitor can add a lot to your setup. No matter if you use your computer for gaming, work, or any other purpose, the monitors you’ll find on this list will each give you quality graphics and a large screen. If you spend a lot of time on your computer, they are worth looking into.

What do you use a curved monitor for the most? Do you prefer a wall mount or a stand? Let us know in the comments below!

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