3 Best 12-inch Tablets

Tablets, by nature, are smaller than laptops. They tend to be compact, lightweight, and easily portable. However, just because they’re easy to carry around doesn’t mean they need to have a small screen. There are many larger-sized tablets out there that manage to give you a wider display without sacrificing any essential features.

When picking out the best 12-inch tablets, there are many attributes to keep in mind. That includes usability, display, ports, and processing power. All of the models in this guide have been evaluated for those features, and they excel on every single level.

Quick Summary

  • The iPad Pro is one of the best well-rounded 12-inch tablets on the market. If you like Apple, want premium features, and don’t mind spending some extra money, this is the way to go.
  • Users who want to use Windows with their tablet, or those looking for something more focused on entertainment, will love the Samsung Galaxy Book.
  • The Tab Pro is another great Samsung option. This larger model comes with solid internal storage options, a good processor, as well as plenty of useful programs. It’s more affordable as well.

Who Should Get This

Everyone, from casual to more serious users, can appreciate a nice, wide tablet. The larger screens not only look better, but they also tend to have brighter, more vivid displays. That makes them nice to look at and use.

The tablets outlined in this article are especially useful for people who watch a lot of media (TV and movies) or who do a lot of work on their tablet. The bigger screen is best-suited for streaming, but professionals will also enjoy being able to work with less strain on their eyes.

Best 12-inch Tablets: Our Picks

1. Apple iPad Pro

After all this time, the iPad still leads the pack when it comes to great tablets. The Pro model doesn’t just have a sleek look and stunning display, it also packs in a 12X bionic chip with a neural engine, as well as four excellent speakers.

The 12MP back camera works well, the 10-hour battery offers more time than you’ll ever need, and the edge-to-edge liquid retina display looks fantastic.

This model also comes with a range of storage options, starting at 512GB and going all the way to 2TB. That allows you to customize the iPad to both your specifications and your budget (higher memory options tend to cost more).

This model also runs iOS, and comes with all of the features that make the system so popular. That includes advanced usability, FaceID, AirDrop, and access to the app store.

What We Like:

  • Multiple storage options
  • Edge-to-edge liquid retina display
  • 12X bionic chip with a neural engine
  • Face ID
  • 12MP back camera
  • Four speaker audio with stereo sound
  • Sleek, attractive look
  • Easy to use
  • iOS operating system
  • 10-hour battery life

What We Don’t Like:

  • Limited color options
  • iOS not for everyone

2. Samsung Galaxy Book

The Samsung Galaxy Book is a great tablet for Windows users, as well as for people who want something with a bit more versatility.

Unlike many tablets, this supports full 2-in-1 functionality, which enables you to switch from touch to type through the use of an attachable keyboard.

It also features Windows 10, comes with 8GB of RAM, and has a 256GB solid-state drive. All of that is then backed by two USB-C ports that enable you to plug-in your favorite devices.

Beyond the specs, the Galaxy Book’s screen and design both look fantastic. The huge display pops, while the resolution is crisp and clear.

Another large bonus is the long-lasting battery, which delivers a stunning 11-hours of video playback on a single charge. This is a bit on the heavy side, but that extra weight is more than worth the extra specs. If you want a well-rounded Windows tablet, this is the way to go.

What We Like:

  • 8GB of RAM
  • 2-in-1 functionality
  • 11-hour video playback
  • 256GB solid-state drive
  • Allows for wireless file share
  • Windows 10
  • Samsung smartphone compatible
  • Vibrant display
  • Stunning colors
  • Two USB-C ports

What We Don’t Like:

  • A bit on the heavy side

3. Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro

The Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro is a great option for users who want a more affordable large tablet. This model, which comes with 16GB of internal memory, has a bright display that can be fully customized to your liking. In addition, you can also use the built-in IR blaster to turn the device into a universal remote control, and the 13-hour battery life will be more than enough to meet all of your needs.

Where this model truly shines is through the included programs. While the attractive hardware does its job, this device comes with many business-related features, including Samsung Mobile Print app, Samsung e-Meeting, as well as Hancom Office Suite. There is also an optional keyboard dock if you want more ways to work, and the device has Samsung KNOX to protect your information.

What We Like:

  • Many included programs
  • Great security
  • Sleek outer appearance
  • Bright HD display
  • Full customization options
  • 13-hour battery life
  • 16GB on-board memory
  • Included microSD slot

What We Don’t Like:

  • Not great outdoors
  • A bit heavy

Best 12-inch Tablets: What to Consider

Processing Power

Large tablets tend to come with a lot of power. As such, it’s always important to note if you want your device to act like a tablet or more of a laptop.

Some stronger tablets have 2-in-1 capabilities that allows them to switch back-and-forth, while others are just large machines that can run apps, programs, and games. If you’re just using your tablet for casual relaxation that’s fine, but you may need extra power if you want something more.


There are many large tablets on the market, and they are all made by different brands. As such, when picking one out, make sure it has the apps or app capabilities you want in your device.

Apple has the most popular app store, but Windows, Amazon, and Android all offer their own options as well. Though you should find similar (or even the same) apps across different devices, it’s important to make sure your tablet can do what you want it to.

Extra Accessories

Tablets are a large part of the current tech market. As such, different models come with many different accessories.

Before making your purchase, be sure to note the different ways you can make your tablet better or enhance your user experience. That includes detachable keyboards, covers, syluses, and compatible speakers.

Useful Tips and Information

Tablets are complicated pieces of technology. The ones in this guide, while intuitive, have a lot going on. If you’re someone who uses an iPad Pro, check out these cool tips to get more from the device.

On the other hand, if you prefer Windows tablets, this guide has some great tips for Samsung devices. It all depends on what brand you like to use.

Final Words

Tablets don’t have to have small screens. Every model in this guide, while portable and smaller than traditional laptops, have large screens and crisp displays. That not only gives them more functionality than smaller models, but it also makes them much more pleasant to use.

While the 12-inch tablets listed here all have similar screen sizes, they have very different specs. Do your research on what they offer, understand where they differ, and use that to get the one best suited for you.

Do you want a bigger tablet? What brand or operating system do you prefer? Let us know in the comments below!

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