We are a team of tech enthusiasts, fan of Apple Mac, or Microsoft Windows, or both.

Some of us switched from PC to Mac, some did the opposite (which is very rare). But there’s one thing we share in common: we love computers and we love helping people solve tech related issues.

Why We Created This Blog?

Share what we know! Yes, a simple cause.

Over the past years we saw many of our friends and colleagues complained about their computers running slow, and most of the time it’s because they were not taking good care of their PCs/Macs as they should do. As time went on, computer performance began to be sluggish.

We felt that it might be a good idea to start a blog and share the tips and tricks we’d learned along the way. That’s why this web site was born. We hope you like the stuff we share here. We try to write more once we can squeeze more time from our routine work.

A Faster Computer Means Everything.

Everyone of us wants to be productive at work (the type of work that demands us to sit in front of our computers), but sometimes the computer itself is the bottleneck of productivity. Therefore, besides troubleshooting related tips, we’ll also write buying guides and product reviews to make your decision-making process easier and efficient.

Please note this blog is not affiliated to, or by no means sponsored by Apple, Microsoft, or any big tech giants. Brand names and trademarks are properties of their respective owners. If you have any questions or general inquiries about the use of this site, feel free to contact us (scroll down to the footer area for contact link).